Консервированный концентрат фруктового сока страсти саподиллы навон 500


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Product Description

NAWON Food & Beverage

NAWON F&B is committed to bringing our clients the most amazing and fantastic natural beverages including coconut water, tropical fruit juices, aloe vera, coffee drinks, basil seed drinks, chia seed drinks milk products and cereal drinks, falooda, etc.
In addition we also offer supporting beverages such as vitamin enhanced drinks, tonic drinks and energy drinks to enhance and replenish your thirst needs quickly. Our research and development team can also assist you in the development of your own formulas. OEM is the strongest services for you

Product Type:

Fresh Fruit Juice

Primary Ingredient:

 500ml NAWON Canned Passion Sapodilla Fruit Juice Concentrate


Fresh Juice

Manufacturer by:

NAWON Food & Beverage


330ml ( Alu Can)


* 24 pcs/ carton
* 2377 cartons/ cont 20 FT

Selling point:

We accept Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM), Free Design Label

Shelf life:

18 months


Free Sample

Minimum Order Quantity:

1000 carton


FOB Price

Term Of Payment:

We accept Paypal, Wesstern Union, T/T, L/C

Shipping Time:

25 - 30 days

Shipment Port:

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam


Halal, HACCP, ISO, Kosher, Organic, GMP

Our Services


Company Information

Who we are?
Nawon is premium beverage developer-manufacturer, based in Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City and Binh Duong province).
What we do?
“Located in an agricultural country, famous with its wide variety of fresh tropical fruit materials, Nawon researches and develops healthy drinks from freshly squeezed juices, the source of natural vitamins and micronutrients.
With strong product R&D, creative packaging designs, massive production, strict quality control and aggressive sales efforts, Nawon quickly expand its business to more than 90 countries and territories in just 4 years.”
What do we make?
“We continuously explorer into new categories of drinks. Beside the Fruit Juices, Nawon offers many more products: Coconut Water & Milks, Energy Drinks, Non-Alcohol Beers, Chia & Basil Seed Drinks, Aloe Vera Drinks, Coffee, Tea, Vegetable Juices… and counting.
All of those products are made with the only mindset: Drink Healthy and Save Our Planet. ”
Which service do we provide?
With massive production capacity, Nawon not only makes its own beverages under different brand names for different market segments. Nawon also provides OEM/Co-manufacturing/Private labels for brand owners worldwide. We keep customers from all continents at the highest level of satisfaction, via free label designs, reasonable MOQ and fast delivery, while ensure the highest quality of drinks, according to international standards and manufacturing practice.
How do we deliver?
Nawon logistic team is working hard 24/7 to provide convenient shipping service to any port of the world at minimum costs, shortest routes and simplest customs clearance.



Q: Do you Private Label Beverage ( OEM/ OMD service)?
A: Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM) – Contract Packing Service With many years of beverage manufacturing experience,We provides…


Q: How is the water packaged and what does it weigh?
A: Shipping & Freight How is the water packaged and what does it weigh? …


Q: Can we use our own freight company or do we need to use whoever you specify?
A: You can absolutely use a carrier of your own choice. We will require a copy…


Q:What is the minimum quantity I can order?
A: We always offer minimum order. However, you can order as few as 300 carton for our…


Q: What is method payment term as sign?
A: We accept method payment: T/T, Letter of Credit (L/C) as sign


Q: What Is The Shelf Life? How Long Can I Keep Your Product Before I Drink It?
A: The shelf life of our glass, can and PET products is 24 months from the day they were made, unopened. After opening the beverage, the shelf life is 7-10 days refrigerated, 2-4 days not refrigerated. The date code, which shows when the product was made, can be found near the neck or on the cap of bottles, or on the bottom of cans, stamped in black

Can 24 months
PET Bottle & PP Bottle 18 Months
Paper box 12 Months
Glass Bottle 24 Months


Q: What kinds of bottles are used?
A: We use premium quality PET (plastic) bottles that are sturdy and clear in color and we also have colored bottles. Our bottles are much higher quality than the extremely lightweight store brand bottles.


Q: How much does it cost?
A: The cost of custom label bottled water varies according to customer needs such as bottle size, order volume, reorder potential and shipping location.


Q: How many bottles are in a case of water and how many cases are on a pallet?
A: There are 24 -16.9 oz bottles in each case. There are 72 cases per pallet of 16.9oz.

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